Tuesday, August 28, 2007

We're Missing Our Girl

Sonny hasn't asked to go out. He usually does this 10-20 times per day. Dylan isn't asking for loving. Camille is very quiet when usually she parades around meowing at decible levels that are difficult to deal with. I think we all miss our little girl.

When I called at noon I was told she chewed her splint off overnight. She is not happy and is not cooperating. Still I didn't drive out. Maybe I should have. Tomorrow she will be home and I will kick her furry grey ass if she gets out of line!

I miss my little girl y'all! My little fuzzy grey alarm clock isn't here being a princess and I miss her so much!

1 comment:

Harvey said...

To everyone else, -now- is the time to go visit! You can avoid cat incidents such as barfing and hair all over your stuff!

Seriously though, hope she gets back home soon!