Monday, August 06, 2007


Things happening here but don't want to spill until it's all 100%. Wife Swap is on y'all! Go watch something disgusting that makes you happy for your Hamburger Helper life and I'll get back to you later . . .

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Liz said...

Hey Gaga!

I hope things have been settled about your property lines. As you said, it's important to keep good relationship with your neighbourgs, but the longer you wait, the harder it will get.

Get a survey as soon as possible, get it registered and let all your neighbourgs be aware of what is yours with those little pickets surveyors plant at the limits.

Even if you don't fence your property, you are entitled to what you paid for and if/when you sell your property, this will ease a lot of things.

Congrats on that threadmill "ride". I look at mine everyday but... I'm not Lazyliz for nothing... :)

By the way, you can add me to the list of 8 people who visit your blog... ;)