Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Phoebe Is Home!!!

I went this afternoon to pick up my little girl and she is now home and sleeping on the living room rug. Her right leg and part of her tummy are shaved so I'm calling her "Gi-Gi" because with her still hairy right foot she looks liked a POODLE! She is not amused by my humor.

With all the chewing off of the splint while she was in the hospital I was worried that maybe Her Majesty's temperament would be lacking but she has been nothing but a sweet loving girl. She has had some (canned) food, and some water. She has hobbled around a bit but seems to know that what she needs to do is be still and sleep. Every time I reach over to stroke her she wakes up long enough to rub her head against my hand and purr for a moment. She is as happy to be home as we are to have her back.

Family once again complete and life is good.

Funny side note - this was not inexpensive surgery. I knew I could handle it but also knew it would have to go on plastic and then an aggressive payoff plan instituted. So I put it on the Discover (low APR now and cash back), got in the truck, and drove home. When I arrived home there was a message blinking on my landline. It was Discover security urgently wanting me to call because there was a fraud alert on my account. I did call and since in the past 4 years I have made only small charges which have been promptly paid off they questioned the vet bill. I assured them it was legitimate. I really hate those calls that try to sign me up for services that I have to pay for but I am really impressed this time. LIttle shout out to Discover.

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