Monday, August 13, 2007

16.5 months to go (give or take but who is counting? ME!)

Rumsfeld? Check!

Rove? Check!

Can I get a RICE?!?!?!

If I can't get a BUSH I NEED A RICE!

If I do indeed end up in South America at least I can say I didn't live in the US for 2 of the final 4 Bush years. When I went to Japan in 2005 he was 1 month elected. I missed the inugural. I missed the pomp and circumstance. And y'all? I didn't understand a WORD of Japanese so any coverage I heard on local radio/TV was just idiotic blither which, in hindsight, prepared me well for coming back to the country where Bush is the decider. Or is it deciderator? Or maybe decideramator? I think during that year my blood pressure was lower than since I was maybe 13. If I could leave now and come back just in time to vote it would suit me fine. This administration has made me want to be as ignorant as it is. Self preservation maybe.

I think W and Paris would have been the perfect match. When I hear news of either it produces the same reaction for me, except that Paris is just a stupid dipshit and W is leader of the free world which is just scary. W needs a little chihuahua and a boob job. I think that's the only thing that stands between "idiot" and "dipshit" at this point.

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