Friday, August 17, 2007

Another Vet Visit

Late this afternoon it was time to take the final of the four felines in for the annual checkup. This time it was Camille's turn and it was so awful for her she asked me to make sure I wrote about it as terror like that is worth at least a small blog post.

Camille is a very assertive girl. At 5 years old she is the alpha cat in our home and always keeps me apprised of situations that require my intervention. She does this with very loud, drawn-out meows designed to get my full attention. But put her in a carrier and put that carrier in the car and she turns into the biggest sissy wuss there ever was. By the time we drove the mile and a half to Dr. Aponte's office she was being such a drama queen I was in tears because of laughter. Camille was not amused by my amusement.

And then Dr. A quickly got me into hysterics. A routine exam includes taking the animal's temperature which, of course, is done anally. Dr. A likes to talk to the animals and humans while she is examining them (the animals that is) and this is one of the things I like most about her. So she has this thermometer inserted in Camille's asshole and Camille isn't happy about it and Dr. A starts telling Camille that she understands - that "that place" is supposed to be an exit and not an entrance and she will finish as soon as she can so Camille will be happy again. Then Dr. A told me she rarely says this kind of thing in the exam room anymore after one experience. A man has his dog in - a very good dog and a very big, burly masculine man. The dog - um - squeezed up and Dr. A had a hard time getting the thermometer in so she tried to lighten the situation by saying "Yeah, well, this is understandable - it's an exit not an entrance isn't it Rover?" At that point the owner kind of flipped his hair and crossed his arms and did 3 snaps in a "z" formation and said "not always." And Dr. A since then has been very careful about what she says!

I laughed my ass off.

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