Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Motherload

My on-line guilt shopping of last week began arriving today. I hate those carpeted cat condo things but felt my felines deserved a distraction and so I broke and ordered one from Drs. Foster and Smith - a great company with just the best and friendliest customer service ever! If you have pets you should check them out.

Anyway, the gigantuan house-eating damnable thing came today and I put it together and then rubbed catnip all over it so the little jerks would get the idea and stop playing with THE BOX IT CAME IN for godsakes! I think they like it.
Phoebe and Dylan do an initial inspection:
Dylan takes up residence in the penthouse while Camille grooms on a lower floor and Phoebe watches from the basement:

Phoebers checks out the toy. She likes it.

Phoebe tries to talk Sonny into playing but at 18 Sonny can't be bothered!
Pretty Phoebe in the penthouse! What a sweet girl. Yes she is! I have no earthly idea what she's looking at but think this is a total Cat Fancy magazine pose!

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