Friday, August 31, 2007

Phoebes update

Cats are so smart. In maybe 1995 Sonny was outside my (then) apartment building and I have no idea what happened but I called him and called him one night and he came dragging himself out of the woods by his front legs. The next morning I took him to a vet who told me he would need about $1500 worth of surgery or I should put him to sleep because he would live in great pain the rest of his life. Unfortuntely at that time my only option was to put him to sleep because I could never afford the other option. Luckily my across the hall neighbor was a vet and I tearfully told her and she grabbed my shoulder and said "Cats have been around for millions of years. Do you really believe this is true? Do you really think any cat thousands of years ago who had this injury would just die?" Thank you Dr. Louise Drane for this bit of wisdom. I allowed Sonny to live under my bed while he healed. I brought him food and water and carried him to a litter box several times a day and now, 11 years later (or maybe 12 or 13) he is 18 years old and not crippled and he has had the best life!

I was worried about bringing Phoebe home. I can and do work from home as much as possible and was prepared to have to carry her around and confine her to a small bathroom to discourage her from jumping and running but Phoebe is much smarter than I am. Phoebe has spent most of her time sleeping in the bedroom. Yes she limps to the litterbox once or twice a day but it's close. I take her a small plate of wet food a few times a day and make sure water is close but she knows what she needs.

Have you ever watched a cat give birth? I have never given birth but have seen videos and heard the descriptions and every woman I know says it is the ultimate most painful experience even though it is worth it. Human women yell, scream, beg for drugs and use foul language at the male who made them pregnant. I have had the honor of watching a cat give birth. Cats purr when they give birth. They have incredible focus and they breathe and they purr to sooth themselves.

Phoebe knows what she needs now and while I was ready to be the ultimate nursemaid 24/7 she only needs me to find her and love on her a few times during the day to remind her how much she is loved.

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