Wednesday, August 15, 2007

If You Don't Believe Animals Have Emotions

I saw this one last week and now three people have sent it to me so I need to post it. I am not sure of the story but I think a couple of men rescued an abandoned lion cub and then when he was old enough released him into the wild, where he prospered. One year later they went back to check on him. This is the reunion video. You can see the exact second when the lion recognizes his old friends. Grab a kleenex and never doubt that an animal is capable of every emotion we are capable of. Animals love regardless of color, religion, politics . . . they truly are unconditional love. My cats show it every day - sometimes actively when I scratch and pet them and they lick my hand in thanks and sometimes passively when I nap and they gather around and nest beside me. In the middle of the night many times Phoebe will wake me up by "patting" my nose or mouth because she wants a bit of lovin'. Always I am pissed when this happens but in the end I give in and know it's only because she loves me and insists on me loving her back. Maybe I'm just a total softie - I remember seeing "Born Free" when I was a little girl and it always made me cry. Maybe this is where my love for cats began. I think I want a lion cub.

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