Sunday, August 05, 2007


I ended up with yet ANOTHER bad sinus headache last night. My personal policy is that I run the air conditioning only when the temps become intolerable. If I know the outside temp will get to 85 I turn on the AC when it gets to 80 and turn it back off when it gets back down to 80. Most of the summer AC season I can get away with running it for 3-5 hours per day and then opening my windows for fresh air at night but for about the past week here in the ATL that has not been wise or possible. It's HOT y'all! So the AC has run around the clock and my sinuses and psyche have taken a beating. I despise being closed up and shut off from the world and constant AC gives me sinus headaches. I have started using a Netti pot on a daily basis and this helps a lot but still at night I tend to get very headachy and stuffy and when that happens the only cure is to go to bed and sleep it off. Which I did last night, far too early.

As a result of going to bed at about 8 last night I woke up at 4:00 this morning and after fighting my awakeness for about an hour I got up and started doing laundry. I had scrubbed both bathrooms by 6 am. Then I had a totally bitchin' idea!

For a while now I've wanted to get into a small home based crafty kind of side-business to make some extra money so I can afford to stay at my current job and still save as much as possible for retirement and a new bed and some wall paint. Being crafty relaxes me and the idea of using the internet to generate extra income interests me - but only if it's above board and serves a purpose and provides something useful. I think my idea might work. I'm not going to spill more about it until I do a prototype and test it but suffice it to say it will require about $20 - $40 of materials, a sewing machine, a hot glue gun (?), and my guinea pigs (aka the cats) to test but I'm excited about the idea and if I have the energy later I will go out and begin the process of pulling together some test materials.

It's only just now 9 am and I need a nap!

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Susannah said...

You CANNOT leave me hangin' like this! Hurry!!! I want to know your brilliant idea!