Friday, August 10, 2007

Miracles Happen - People Are Essentially Good

Today I met Ingrid D. Ingrid is one of those people you hope you will someday meet.

So anyway Miss Jessie has no AC and never ever opens her windows. In Atlanta we have had an almost unprecented wave of heat - 3 days in a row above 100. Today was 107.

I lived in this house 4 years with no AC and it wasn't pleasant but wasn't this bad. Since Wednesday have made a point to get Miss J down here to cool off for an hour or so. Last night I begged her to come stay the night but she is stubborn and refused even after 90 minutes of me strong-arming her. I worried. She is too proud.

This afternoon I was going to call and get her down here for a couple of hours of relief again and I looked out the window and there was a car in front of her house indicating a visitor. I delayed my call. After about 2 hours the car was still there and then my phone rang. It was Miss J asking me to come over because "some people" were "putting fans in."

Ingrid D. had bought two window units from her own pocket and arranged for a fine young man to install them nongratis! These units won't make Miss Jessie's house cool but they will do a great deal to take the edge off the unbearable heat. God will take care of Paul and Ingrid for their kindness. No doubt in my mind. No dount at all.

Ingrid is now my sister and after one meeting I can confirm that we share a common pseudo-mother. I saw Ingrid's boob-sweat on her shirt and she saw mine (although her shirt was far more fashionable). Honestly I haven't felt such heat ever - it was hotter inside than it was outside! Ingrid is the best, most caring person and I love her for her concern - she loves Miss Jessie as much as I do. Tonight we spoke and I told her I insisted on paying for one of those window units. I could never afford to make a difference but two of us together as a team can absorb it and so this for me is a no brainer. I can't do it by myself and Ingrid probably can't but maybe if we combine resources Miss Jessie won't have to worry. My retirement can be damned. This is a good human being we're talking about and she worked hard all her life and she deserves to be taken care of as much as we can.

Y'all please look in on your elderly neighbors and make sure they aren't suffering. If they are please call out to this weird internet world. We can make things happen!

Tonight my love goes to Ingrid and Paul who made this happen for my surrogate momma. I see Miss Jessie's lights are off now so she is sleeping in comfort.

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KL said...

What nice people you are. You're right ... Atlanta has been miserably hot. Fortunately/unfortunately, my work is kept so cold, I've been wearing sweaters and jackets.