Saturday, March 17, 2007

Update With Photos!

This week I was able to get the kitchen almost finished. I still have the tiniest bit of trim to paint - the baseboard behind the fridge and the doorway into the study. Also I have to replace the rotten kickboard under the sink counter which I ripped out a couple of weeks ago. None of this is a big deal. I got the cabinet doors back on and found some terrific knobs for them. I put the stove back where it belongs and it's plugged in now for the first time in about 3 weeks. For the rest of today I plan to re-fill the cabinets which will clear up a lot of the clutter lying around the house and will make me feel a whole lot better.

This week the range hood finally came in. It was supposed to take 8-10 days and it took 3 weeks and they sent a 36" when what I ordered was a 30". So today I returned it and re-ordered and hopefully it will be in before the 26th.
I also ordered the flooring which will be sheet vinyl in a white, slightly textured tile pattern. I think it's going to look so good. As soon as it gets in the installer will call me to schedule installation which I hope I hope I hope will be prior to the 31st because I don't want this project going into April.
Obviously the countertop now sticks out like a sore thumb and once I get all the other pending things taken care of I'm going to look into a new countertop and sink. Plain, simple, white. I just have this thing about a clean kitchen (also bathrooms).
Of course there are various and sundry details - all the outlets and light switches are a gross off-white and now they just look like crap so I'm going to replace them all with white and then put white covers on them. I want to do some kind of simple window treatments - maybe a scarf or swag over the sink and cafe curtains on the back window. I don't want to cover them but I want to soften them a bit. And then I get to go through all the artwork that isn't hung and choose what will hang in there!!! Once I get the mudroom trim painted (there is a LOT of it in there, including 3 doors) I'll be down to the really fun details. By this time next week - WOW!!!
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Suerk said...

Kitty, while you are getting your actual house in order, I took a major step in getting my financial house in order. The interest on my three credit cards was astounding and causing major guilt and sleep loss. I called Ted Smith (Jim and Carol's son) who manages my IRA, told him the story, after which he wired 17K to my account. I totally paid of the three fuckers, cut them up, and called the companies. Now I just have my bank's debit card and an Amex card which I've had since 1965. YAY!!!!!!!

gaga said...

Suerk I so understand and good for you! Have you read any of David Bach's books? I got in a big bad huge credit problem many years ago and couldn't sleep nights either and actually went totally plastic-free for 5 years while I paid it all off and now I try so hard to keep it under control. The work I've been doing on the house has been important for so many reasons - an investment really - but I've had to put some of it on credit and now I'm to the point where I hate it. I usually never charge anything unless it's a so many months same as cash deal that I know I can pay off.

Anyway, good for you! Does this mean when you come to Atlanta we'll be going to Waffle House for dinner? My favorite restaurant by the way.

xoxoxoxo times a million