Saturday, March 24, 2007

Pink? NOT!!!

The mudroom is finished. OK, actually while I was painting the trim I found a couple of places on the wall where I didn't get full coverage with the roller. I painted the walls in there at night and the lighting isn't so good. You can't see them unless you're right up on them but I know they are there so I will take care of that this weekend. Here are a couple of results shots:

The previously hideous back door:

I'm not sure if I've posted a before shot of the windows so here is a shot taken at the home inspection in 1998 - also a good chance to see the hideous textured ceiling and the hideous berber carpet which was only surpassed in hideousness by the worn vinyl beneath it but at least the vinyl was easier to clean:
And here is what it looks like now:

I'm on my way to Lowe's in a couple of minutes. The range hood is in and this weekend I will amuse myself installing it and taking care of small details (I have quite the large list for these so-called "small details"). Will post photos of all the fun as it happens!

Please everyone keep your fingers crossed that the flooring comes in and gets installed in the next few days! I would so dearly love to have this all finished by April 1!

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Anonymous said...

This "home improvement" should be written in capital letters! You are doing a great job.