Wednesday, March 28, 2007

More details . . .

24 hours from now I will have new floors! I am so excited I could just faint!

Since completion of the painting I have been concentrating on detail work. For instance, all of the outlets and light switches and their covers were those off-white yellowy-looking things and I was determined to replaced them all with white. This means changing out the wiring. I thought it would be fairly easy but because this house is so old I have been running into some problems. Nothing I can't deal with but it's slow going.
When they finally are finished they look magnificent!
Also I shored up the mudroom windows. I installed new knobs and barrel locks on them. The barrel locks serve a dual purpose - they provide security and also they keep the windows closed tightly so I can't feel wind coming through them anymore!Last week had a woot-off and I broke down and purchased something I have wanted for a long time - a mini DVD recorder. It's refurbished so was very very very cheap. I hope to use it to document tomorrow's install and will try to find a way to post it here.

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