Tuesday, March 27, 2007


The flooring guys will be here Thursday to install the new vinyl. I am getting so excited. Still a couple of small things to do but they will take almost no time at all so I'm in the end stretch. So in the end stretch that I've begun digging through artwork to try to decide what I will hang where.

Today and tomorrow I will post some detail photos. Of course I first need to post about the range hood. Funny backstory here. I picked up the hood at Lowe's Saturday morning and almost immediately began installation. I marked the correct holes and mounted it. I was a bit disappointed because I realized I would have to do a bit of ductwork but decided if I could get it screwed in and wired that would be simple. So I followed every direction carefully. I turned on the circuit breaker and . . . NOTHING! All afternoon Saturday and all day Sunday I stewed over it. I decided I would call Ramiro (my contractor and the love of my life) on Monday to come do it right. MORE BACKSTORY - remember that the hood replaced a bathroom steam exhaust fan? How do you turn on a bathroom exhaust? You flip a toggle switch, right? OK - BACK TO STORY. I am in the shower late Sunday afternoon still stewing over my dismal failure when the lightbulb goes on. I turned off the shower, wrapped a towel around me, and dripped water all the way to the kitchen where I flipped the switch that controlled the previous contraption and VOILA! The range hood is fully functional!!! A totally blonde moment. Totally. Seriously. DUH-HUH. Can you imagine if I had gotten Ramiro over here and he had flipped that switch for $50 or $60???
OK - pics now. Detail of the wiring for the hood. Which I did perfectly by the way.
The new ductwork for the hood. Which I did all by myself. Which is perfect by the way.

Stove with hood fully installed. I can't wait to fry some bacon and boil some pasta!

And for an extra - here is my pantry door. It has been without a doorknob for 6 years. For 6 years I have stuck my finger in the knob-hole to pull it open. Now it has a knob and here it is:

Gaga is excited y'all!

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