Monday, March 12, 2007

Just a Quick Update

No photos tonight - not because it isn't photo-worthy. It is so photo-worthy you couldn't believe it! I just want to make sure all the trim is painted before I do the reveal. Of course this will be the pre-flooring reveal. All walls are now painted in the green. It is such a soothing light mellow green. I would be the first to be surprised about choosing green but this color is so very wonderful and subtle and yet retro enough to look right in this house. I just can't tell you how this lifts my spirits which weren't really down to begin with.

I've started some of the woodwork but to my eye it will need a second coat. I don't want to do this at all and probably any one of you would walk in here and never think another thing but that fucking pink trim has had me so traumatized for so long that I HAVE TO KILL IT COMPLETELY. If I even imagine I see a bit showing through I need to do a second coat. I swear I will not become OCD over this and feel free to stop me if I start writing about doing a third coat. THAT would be excessive.

Pictures I promise will be forthcoming in a day or so. Now I need to go. A new contact is going to call tonight and I need to feel pretty so will go change out of these dirty paint-encrusted sweatpants and into a clean pair. He looks promising but then I've said that before.


PS to Suerk and Veggie P. - thanks so much for your comments. On this project I find I have an up day and then a down day when it feels like it will never be finished. Your comments keep me going!

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