Thursday, March 29, 2007

It's All But Finished Now

The flooring guys showed up at exactly 9am - two absolutely wonderful Bosnian men who were far more perfectionist than I am. They were a bit thrown by the fact that I do not have a level floor in the entire house and they had to do a bit more prep work than they had anticipated but they did it beautifully and cleaned up after themselves and made sure I knew not to use hot water to mop (hot water will cause the floor to yellow - who knew?) When they left at 2 I immediately drove to the northside to pick up the odd-size white floor register covers I ordered and I just can't believe how great it all looks!

I still have to put the final coat on all the baseboards (I knew they would be installing primed shoe molding so I only gave the baseboardsone coat). I still have 4 electric outlets and one light switch to change over to white. I still need to move stuff back in and hang artwork. Other than the baseboards this is a piece of cake and I should be able to get almost all of it completed by Sunday (APRIL FIRST!!!)

SO here ya go:

Mudroom before:

Mudroom after:

Kitchen before:

Kitchen after:


KL said...

Your floors look awesome! I think I used to have the same black & white checkered tile in my kitchen. And, we probably don't live that far from each other ... maybe it really was the same (I'm in Sandy Springs). I know you'll love the floors. I've put in ceramic tile in my kitchen and hardwoods in my living area in the last year or two and can't remember what it was like beforehand!

gaga said...

Hi kl! Thanks - I envy your tile. I would have loved to put in tile but these floors are so seriously uneven it would never have worked (mudroom was a porch until about 50 years ago and I'm lucky the vinyl worked).

Have added your blog to my list. Great work!

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

I liked the black-and-white checkers, but the new floor adds to the very serene feel you're creating. Very nice!

When are we going to do our Piedmont Park photo session with you?? March is ending!

Suerk said...

I am so happy to know and love you.