Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ongoing House News - With a Strange Twist

Since my last update I have been priming the mudroom at night after work. Little by little.

When I (we - I and my ex) bought this house 8 years ago (we moved in 8 years ago today in fact) the people who were here previously had flipped it. In 120 or 130 years there had been only a few owners and they moved in and god bless them in 2 short years they did upgrade plumbing and electric but made many mistakes which I continue to try to fix. But the funniest thing to me is that every wall and ceiling was painted this kind of flat eggshell color and in every room there was a different trim color. A very nauseous trim color. The bedroom isn't too bad - a kind of royal blue trim. I can deal with that. The living room used to be a baby blue trim until I completed that particular project several years ago. In the study and extra bathroom it's this dark pukey seafoam green. Next on the list thank you. But in the kitchen and mudroom it was this dark pepto bismol pink.

For EIGHT YEARS I have lived with this. For eight years I have walked in my door and wondered why my house seems to suck the very energy out of me. I have been angry and sad and all sorts of weird feelings - some very justified but most not and I could never understand why I would be at work and look so forward to coming home and then get here and get depressed adn only want to live on the couch until bedtime.

Tonight - just now - I have completed priming the very last of the pink woodwork in the mudroom. I knew I felt much better after priming the pink in the kitchen, and I still have the walls inthe mudroom to go (but that might take an hour at most). The pink is now gone. While priming I found myself spending a great deal of effort to fill in every single tiny pinprick of a hole that had pink paint in it. It's done now. I will have a huge job ahead of me when I begin to actually paint the trim but the pink is gone. And for some strange reason I feel a sense of catharsis. There is not a single bit of anger. I feel energetic. I feel hopeful.

This is so weird and I almost don't want to say it. Mom was here in the late summer/fall of 04 when I was recovering from the achilles thing and in a wheelchair and she has talked about how angry I was then. Then I went to Japan for that year and she talked about how my anger seemed to be mostly gone. I really think (and I might be reaching here but stick with me) that this pink fucking trim was part of the problem. When I was away from it I had no anger. When I was stuck looking at it in a wheelchair I had definite issues.

Now it is March 2007 and I am liberated!!!

Pink is GONE NOW!!!! There is NO PINK IN MY HOUSE and I am happy and content and relaxed. Don't get me wrong. Pink is pretty when it's soft and pastel and in clothing. Like a pretty cashmere cardigan worn with gently aged jeans and some Bass Weejuns. Just NOT IN TRIM COLOR!! WHO WOULD MAKE THAT CHOICE?!?!?!

I never have believed much in the color thing but I have to say that getting rid of this pink shit has done wonders for my spirit. Life is good! There is still a lot of stuff to deal with but THE PINK IS GONE and I'm so happy and relieved I could just cry.

Pictures to follow as I continue this project. My drop dead date for completion is thed last day of March. Please hold me to this. I need to cook a nutritious meal.

Love, Gaga


the veggie paparazzo said...

Pink as a trim color is fucked up. I am glad you are taking charge to make it what you will love!

gaga said...