Thursday, May 01, 2008

Chilean Labor Day tomorrow! Holiday!

I missed MLK holiday in the US. I missed the Easter day off. I think I missed one more holiday working - all the holidays have been spent working here. That's OK - in the end it will even out. But tomorrow is my first official holiday here - Chilean Labor Day - and I had looked forward to packing and doing laundry and some work. And now Sam and I have an invite to Lazo's family's place for a barbeque. It won't be the same place as a few weeks ago alas but the place here in Santiago. That's OK. Still time with a family!

Tonight is festive. It is very chilly here but I will keep my windows open until it gets down to official freezing temps - cold is much better sleeping weather! So my windows are open a bit and there are huge parties in the neighboring buildings - lots of Latin music and people singing along and the mood is so incredibly festive! I love having my windows open and listening. On Sunday mornings there is someone in another building who plays opera for about an hour. Normally I don't much care for opera but when I am in my apartment on a Sunday morning drinking coffee and hearing it waft in from another building I find it very moving and it opens my heart. Much as I find the music and festivities tonight. I am tired and happy to be here and happy to be going to bed in another few minutes but to hear the music and laughter from another building makes my night! Happy people bring so much joy!

Happy Chilean Labor Day!

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