Sunday, May 25, 2008

Completos and Girlie Stuff

Friday night I took Eduardo and Carol out. They have done so much for me and Sam too - bringing me into their family, including me, welcoming me into their home. I wanted to take them out and treat them and Carol chose the place and she is so good at finding a good place. It was a great night. Before we even got to the restaurant Eduardo told me I would come to their apartment Saturday for "completos" which is Chilean for hot dogs with the works. It was the weirdest thing I have ever seen. I can't even describe what is put on hot dogs here. Tomatoes, guacamole, mayonnaise . . . I had to document this. I couldn't help myself.

You start with a hot dog on a large bun and fill it with fresh chopped tomatoes:
Next slather it with guacamole:
Add some spicy mayonnaise:
On top of that add ketchup:
and of course don't forget the mustard:
And VOILA! You have an authentic Chilean Completo!
It takes a big mouth to eat one of these things and Eduardo is well equipped:
When you've gorged on completos the only thing natural is to doze in front of a soccer game on TV:
While the guys were being guys in front of the TV Carol and her good friend Alejandra (Ally) got out the nail supplies at the big dining table and even though I was called a traitor for doing it I was intrigued and went to sit with the girls. Ally wanted to do my nails which was really embarrassing for me because I don't ever do my nails and when under stress I chew my cuticles and I am just a mess. But she told me to trust her and she would make them look good. She worked and worked and lord help me if she wasn't right! My hands almost look normal now:
See the pretty little flower on my ring finger? I have a flower on my thumbs too!
I love these people. I want to live here. I want to drive home from work every night and see the Andes. I want to hang out with great people on the weekends and watch Top Gun with my boys and do beauty shop with my girls. I want to buy a house here and have these people over and treat them as well as they have treated me.

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