Saturday, May 31, 2008

Holy Crap!

The most number of viewers I have had on this private little blog in one day since I started it is about 23. On May 27 I had 91!!! What is that about?

Anyway, I am back home in my US home. I landed early this morning. I'm not sure how I'm feeling honestly. I am very very tired. I am happy to be home and to be with my dear cats. I am happy to be in warm weather again. I am happy that I can pay attention to my house after literally 8 months of mostly neglect. Old houses need regular care.

But. BUT. I miss Chile already and the friends I made there. This experience was very much unlike Japan. My Japanese colleagues were friendly to a certain point but were never friends. My Chilean colleagues, especially Eduardo and his family, became true friends. And I have to stop talking about this now or I will cry. Need to get more distance before I can write about it.

Until I pull myself together I have a funny story and I hope it ends up not being a "guess you had to be there" story. When I was back home in early April I bought a mouse. A wireless mouse with a bunch of neat features to allow me to navigate spreadsheets faster and more efficiently and most important without wires. Great mouse. As soon as I got back to Chile Lazo started making comments about it and I thought about getting one for his birthday but got something else instead. He kept making comments and by the end of April I was pretty sure I would not leave Chile with my mouse.

Wednesday (and I am not sure how this started) Lazo decided he wanted to go through the contents of my purse. He and Sam consider me one of the boys and I think he wanted to see how much of a girl I am by what I carried with me. He got lots of laughs out of the nail file and the cuticle clipper and howled at my passport photo (the worst in history) and then he found my little tiny purse where I keep my US currency. I had $41 plus some change in it and he took it out and pocketed it and I let him have it for a while and then told him to give it back. He finally turned it over. Then he asked me how much I paid for the mouse. I pulled up my Best Buy account and told him $84 including tax. I had every intention of coming back and buying one and sending it back to him but didn't tell him this. He told me that he wanted to buy mine and since it was used I really should not expect more than 50%, or $42 and since he had just given me $41 he owed me a dollar. So we traded mice. Or mouses. And now I am stuck with his crappy little wireless mouse until I can get back to Best Buy. I might wait a while. Every time I use it I giggle about the Lazo logic behind his "purchase" of my used equipment.

Also I would like to point out that he still owes me $1.


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