Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Countdown

It's official. Or at least it's as official as things can get with this company. I will be leaving Chile May 30th. My part in this project is at an end and it's time to go home. This is a good thing. I've been mostly on the road since September 30 when I first left for Mexico City. That's 8 months. 8 months is enough for now. There is more travel coming up but it won't be for such extended periods of time until we get more new business. I need time at home.

So I'm feeling really emotional. Uncharacteristic for me, right? I find myself tearing up at very awkward times. This has been such a good experience overall - despite the BS and headaches I have learned so much and I've been so very challenged and that is what I live for.

Wednesday I went out for dinner with Sam, Eduardo and Carol (Eduardo's gorgeous wife). It was the last night we were all going to be together for a while at least. We went for Peruvian food which is probably the best food I have ever eaten and we stayed out far far too late. Thursday after work I drove Sam to the airport and put him on a plane for the Middle East. By the time he gets back to Santiago I'll be gone and then he's off to Sydney and when we hugged goodbye at the airport all of this finally hit me and I cried although I managed to hold it off until I was walking back to the car. I can't begin to imagine the ugly cry ahead when I have to say goodbye to Eduardo.

It has been a very grey grey overcast autumn weekend in Santiago. Today I worked a bit in the morning and spent most of the afternoon sitting in bed watching US TV shows. Tonight it is blustery. The fallen leaves are blowing around in the whipping wind. Someone in an adjacent building has windchimes and I can hear them and it makes me happy. I love windchimes. I have them all over my house at home and when the wind blows my house positively sings. I am sitting here listening to them and feeling a bit of home.

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