Sunday, April 27, 2008

Instant Karma's Gonna Get You

OK this isn't funny anymore. Not even amusing. Over the past 4 days here it became late autumn with a vengeance. All week thick fog in the morning and grey skies most days and overcast and downright COLD. Not freezing cold but "I have only clothing inappropriate for this weather" cold. Today I ventured out and the streets and sidewalks were thick with fallen leaves. Everyone is bundled up in coats and scarves if they are out at all. It just freaks me out. It's LATE APRIL!!

Today it was cold enough that I wanted to turn on my heat and I messed around with what I have always thought was the thermostat for the heat that controlled the "radiators" in the bedroom and living room. I flicked every switch and tried everything known to man but the heat didn't come on. I spoke with Sam later in the day and he told me usually the building heat is controlled by the management and so only when they decide it is time for heat will the heat come on. I don't want a lot of heat - I only want to knock out the chill and dampness. I would turn on the oven but I don't have one. Earlier today when I got cold I took a very hot shower and that lasted a few hours then I got in bed fully clothed and that worked. Until I got up.

Looking forward more than ever to returning to May in Georgia at the end of the week! I'll have the windows open and grill out and walk barefoot in the yard and all will be good.

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