Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Have Lazo's Baby and A Fun Euphemism

After months of wishing I now have Lazo's baby. Eduardo has THE BEST iPod I have ever heard and he plays it - a lot - in the office. And for months I have wanted it inside my itunes. I've wanted it bad and I've been a whore about it. I've caressed his iPod and run my fingers over the navigation wheel until I tingled all over but he has been a music-tease and he lets me touch it but has never given it to me. Tuesday he gave it to me. He gave it ALL to me! He put his stuff on my iPod and I downloaded a program that let me sync all of that with my itunes and now I have his baby. I am drowning in Simply Red right now.

And in the spirit of the above I have a funny euphemism for you. There are two people in the office who are quite obviously having a fling and unfortunately one of them is not me. It's kind of disgusting really but makes for great laughs since everyone is aware of it. Anyway, a few days ago they left the office in the morning to go to our warehouse (called Panamericana) which is about a 15 minute drive. They were having concerns about one of our suppliers (Andina - the South American distributor of Coke products) and wanted to check out the situation. They returned FIVE HOURS LATER looking flushed and relaxed so now the euphemism for having sex is "going out to Panamericana to check out the Andina products." As in "Last night I went out to Panamericana and checked out the Andina products. Twice." As in "All day today I have thought about going to Panamericana and if I don't go tonight to check out the Andina products I am going to implode." I personally think this is far superior to "Playing hide the sausage" or anything else. I only hope no one asks me to actually go out to Panamericana in the coming week because I might just pee my pants laughing.

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