Thursday, November 01, 2007

Only 14 months to go!

I am a born and bred Democrat and I take great interest in this political process, when it is a process - which it has not been for the past 8 years and two presidential elections.

So I am interested. On and for about a year after 9/11 I would have voted for Rudy. Now I wonder what he has to say beyond reliving 9/11. Romney seems a nice guy. But so much for the other side.

After the past 8 years all I want is a complete dis-association from what has been. I want an educated, intelligent person as President. I want someone who speaks and challenges me to think and pull out the dictionary. I want someone with a fucking MIND.

I love Hillary. She has made mistakes but haven't we all. She is so smart it makes me sting. But she is a woman. And when I say that I know I am the worst of hypocrites. What I want is for this country to begin to get back on track and I am not entirely certain the country will elect a woman. After all we have "elected" an ape for the past 8 years.

I love Obama. No really. I love him and I hang on his every word. He inspires me. He gives me hope more than anyone else. But I am not sure America is ready to elect a black man.

And then we have John who is totally cute and his wife is not going to survive the election probably and I just love him but he doesn't stand a chance.

It will be an interesting 14 months. And as soon as the negative ads start flying I will be out of it.

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Harvey said...

Let's vote for Steve Colbert!