Friday, November 02, 2007

Massage Report

I'm back from the massage. As I said yesterday it has been 2 years since my last one and oh sweet mother of GOD!!! IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!! My previous massage therapist, Laura, was just great and if I hadn't been desperate I might not have gone to a fresh therapist today. But I was desperate. I'm not kidding. When I walked in the office Hamrawit (not "Hamuri" as I spelled it yesterday even though it's pronounced that way) was behind the counter and I took one look at her and realized I was in for a big expensive disappointment. She is about 5 feet tall and just a tiny, pretty little Indian lady. No way could she give me what I needed. Before the massage she asked me about where I carry my tension and what my job is like and I told her I work weird crazy hours and I carry my tension in my shoulders but lately my lower back has been very sore. She told me she could concentrate on those areas only but she prefers on a first massage to do full body work so she can assess the situation. Since I had no great hopes anyway I told her to do what she felt was best. She also asked me what kind of pressure I like and I told her intense pressure - that I like to feel pain because it seems to work best for me. Again, I had no hopes but figured if I told her intense pressure she might do a halfway mediocre job of it.

It was the BEST MASSAGE OF MY LIFE!!! She frigging SLAYED ME!!! This tiny little woman who was wary of using "too much pressure" because it might tear at my muscles after so long without a massage knew. She knew where it hurt and she became a 300 pound weightlifter and just frigging worked me. I have motion now in my neck and back where there wasn't any 3 hours ago. She hurt me! This little thing that I could take out in the parking lot made me wince in pain! It was good pain though and she knew exactly what she was doing so I sucked it up and let her.

When I tried to get up from the table I couldn't. I had to work for 5 minutes to just roll over and kind of roll off the thing. My bra went in my purse because no way could I get it hooked. I was lucky to walk out wearing pants. The totally awesome heating pad I got for Christmas last year (and yes I specifically asked for it) is out and ready for me to crawl in bed with it.

I told her that when I walked in I decided she couldn't possibly have the strength I needed but I was just amazed. She smiled and said "sometimes the strength inside is not apparent on the outside." I got a massage from Ghandi for chrissakes!

I like this chick. And while it is a luxury I can ill afford with my recent addiction to small electronics and at this time of year especially I realize how much I need to do this to compensate for the tension in my life and so I'm going back next Friday. If I can wait that long!

If you live in the Atlanta metro area and want the best massage of your life let me know and I'll hook you up. If you don't live here you should consider coming just for this!

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