Thursday, November 08, 2007


I am so thrilled because tonight I resolved a system issue by thinking about it and drilling down into it and trying a few things out. The problem is that the critical call came in after a long day when I was just about to get on a conference call and after the call (during which I managed to force down my dinner of leftovers without audibally making chewing sound which means I will be constipated for 3 days) I just kind of settled in to the sofa with my knitting and the laptop in front of me to monitor the situation from afar and only after there was no response from on-call support after 90 minutes did I get bored and look into it myself. So I am both patting myself on the back because I resolved this and kicking myself because in the end it took 15 minutes and some instant messages with Mexico to fix. Also in the end it was a totally silly user problem which I should have seen immediately and resolved in the 4 minutes between learning about it and starting the conference call. Duh on me.

But I decided I have all day tomorrow to beat myself up so tonight I will pat myself on the back! Yay me! Wooooo hoooo! Me ROCKS! Tomorrow I am sure I will suck again but tonight me is Princess.

The thing is, I find this is true in my "real" life as well. Something goes wrong and I go into panic mode and grab at the first life raft available when it probably would be better to live with the pain while I examine the situation and find the best choice. Usually this takes no time at all but the first knee-jerk reaction is to grab for the person who knows more than I do. And if I just relax and take the time I realize in the end I had all the necessities to resolve the situation by myself! Note to self.

So anyway I am totally stoked (do the kids say "stoked" anymore?) and have a renewed love for what I do which actually happens in some form once a week or so but this was a major one so maybe it will last a while.

The best thing about my job is that I learn something new ABSOLUTELY EVERY day. Almost this is without exception in 5 years. The other best thing is that I am able to work with some really great people in all corners of the world. Sometimes they are coming from different cultures and so I have to try (and fail) to present the information in an interesting and new way because they ignore it because I am a baka gaijin. Or a gringa stupida. Cultures have really different (read this as "backwards" unless you are a Republican in which case read "appropriate female who is born again") take on outside people with vaginas. And sometimes I have learned something they haven't and can pass this on. And often (very often) it is the other way around. I come from a family of educators and I taught college once for a few years but nothing compares with teaching outside a classroom. I swear to you that without this I would have walked off the job 4.3 years ago. Because otherwise it sucks. But in a really great way! I only wish I could somehow get rid of my vagina because it seems to be a liability to me outside of the US, Canada and the EU. The ERA fights were, like, 2 or 40 months ago and how could this critical information not have gotten to giants like Japan and, well, someplace in South America?

That said I have another massage tomorrow at 4 which is far more important information. One was not enough and despite the budgetary concerns I know I need it and also I deserve it and the cats need to lose weight anyway so I'll just feed them less (kidding!). I IM'd Sam tonight that I was totally taking tomorrow afternoon off. I am going to have my massage and come home and drool. But I will probably work until 3:45 because I think I'm addicted. Also there is testing to be done But after I swear I will drool. This lady kicked my ass last week and I had BRUISES on my arms and legs until Wednesday! THAT is a great massage! The sissy massage shit pisses me off.

Over the weekend I will give y'all the update on my upcoming travel because I know for sure all 6 of you who read this crap might actually be interested!


Harvey said...

Nope, no one says stoked anymore!

Nice work on the problem solving skillz! You are so 1337! (that is kid language for "elite")

You cook up some mean dinners too! Yum...

gaga said...

I am so happy to know I am 1337 (in my own mind at least!).

Tonight's menu was dijon meat balls - you shoulda been here because it's good once or twice but leftovers for 4 days sucks!

Harvey said...

MMmmmmmm.... Meatballs.