Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I cooked my turkey! I bought it last weekend then last week I got my travel orders which meant I would be in Mexico on Thanksgiving so I put it in the fridge to thaw Friday night and this morning stuck that sucker in the oven. Nothing fancy. No cheesecloth. No stuffing. No pomegranate/dijon/horseradish glaze. Just a turkey. In an oven. I AM NOT MARTHA!!! (Although I aspire to this)

It came out beautifully. Not that it mattered. I only did it for the stock and meat and the fact that an American is required BY LAW to cook a turkey at least once a year so for another year I avoid incarceration.

I go back to Mexico next Tuesday. I'll be there for Thanksgiving and will return for 2 days on Nov 30 then go back for 2 more weeks. At least this is the plan now which of course with my company is never really the plan! For my less worldly readers they actually don't have Thanksgiving outside of the US (except Canada which is a different date). Really! I don't have a problem with this at all. Christmas YES! I must have at least a strand of lights somewhere. Thanksgiving no.

So I cooked the pitiful little turkey today. Today I kept running system reports and testing things and sniffing and thinking I should be watching a stupid blow up cartoon balloon impale itself on a light pole in Manhattan. Ah those Thanksgiving traditions! About 2 minutes ago I finished up officially so another good 10 hour day (I hope).

I love to cook. I love to keep a home. Typically for me I also love to leave it and experience different things.

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