Thursday, November 01, 2007


Y'all - when I first got this job, which has always been very stressful, I went for a massage religiously twice a month and there were times when I splurged and went every week. It has been two years since my last massage. Usually I can deal - I try to meditate and when I get tense I will lie on the floor with hard little balls under my spine and this works. But today I called for a massage appointment.

I called Laura Latorre's number. She did me for several years. I left a message and 30 minutes later received a return call. From a lady named Hamuri. Laura has returned to Uruguay. I will miss Laura but have great hopes for Hamuri. I go tomorrow at 4 pm and I can't wait. My only requirement is that she has very strong hands and is not afraid to hurt me. My shoulders are big and pain is good. Pain means the stress is gone.

I totally expect to break into tears.

I am so excited I can't stand it.

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