Friday, April 25, 2008

All Back

Everyone here and accounted for. Sam's flight was due to land at 7:35 am but we have had massive fog in the airport area all week and so I was certain he would be delayed. Nevertheless I set the alarm for extra early and figured I could get up and work and then drive to the office and monitor the flight from there where I would be only a few minutes away. I got up early and read emails and responded to a few and then checked the Delta site and he was coming in about 30 minutes EARLY! So I hustled and he only had to stand on the curb about 10 minutes before I swooped in. He immediately told me that after 44 hours of flights he didn't trust himself driving so I drove him all the way back to his place and amused myself on his laptop while he unpacked presents and showered and got ready to go in. Still we were there by about 9:30.

It was a very bad week in the office for so many reasons but when Sam walked in the mood lightened considerably. Still problems but it's OK now. Because we are all back together. And we can get things done!

My buddies are all here now and it will be a precious week before I go off and then come back and then Sam goes off and Santiago will be a memory and occasional landing point. I am not yet ready to leave and I insist that the operation here is not yet ready to be healthy if we pull out now but it has to happen eventually. For now it looks like May 30 is my final departure.

It is full on autumn here. Today was grey and cold and I just can't deal with that in April even though I was so thrilled to deal with pool days in January. I found myself slightly depressed by the weather today.

I miss my cats so much and wonder how much more of this they can stand. Also I wonder how much more I can stand. I just hope Sonny holds on and hope Phoebe remembers that she can pat my nose in the night and wake me up and I will give her all the love she wants. That is my #1 favorite thing in the world and I don't want her to forget. I am sure Camille is exactly the same and is keeping things in line on the home front.

One week from now I will be inflight and about 7 hours from landing and maybe 9 tops from being home with the kidz. As much as I love being all together again I really just need to go home for a week and I so look forward to it!

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