Wednesday, April 23, 2008

So Excited!

My boys are coming home! Right now both Sam and Eduardo are on flights back to Santiago and I am so excited I can't stand it. Not that I don't really really like almost everybody else in the office but these are my GUYS! These are my buddies. The people who make me laugh hardest, the people I can let the walls down with.

Hopefully Eduardo got the earlier direct flight from JFK to SCL and will not have to be on the later flight that stops in Lima. If he is on the direct flight he will be in early enough to be in the office tomorrow afternoon. Sam left Tel Aviv about 3 hours ago and will have to change at JFK and then ATL to get back Friday morning. I'll pick him up at the airport Friday morning and will get him to drop me back at the office before he goes to shower and change and come in.

Sam and I had our new 1 year anniversary this week. One year since he stepped back into being my boss, stepped on an airplane, and then I didn't see him for 7 months. For the first 7 months literally I would drive to the Atlanta airport and have lunch or dinner with him IF he happened to be on a flight with a long enough layover. Otherwise we only communicated by email and phone. It was OK really, but now having been here in Santiago together for the past 4 months I'm not sure I feel too good about going back to the old days.

Eduardo we are trying to get on our team so he will be with us to do these start ups. I hope a year from now we are all together in some great country doing the same thing.

Anyway I have been mostly bored for two days and nights because of Eduardo being in New York and totally bored for two weeks of dinners due to Sam being away and I really don't know if I will be able to sleep well tonight knowing they will both be back so soon.

I myself will head back to the US next Friday the 2nd. As always I hate leaving but I really need to get away for just a bit and remind the cats that they are domestic creatures and mop and vacuum for them and also just bury my face in soft, fuzzy cat tummies and sleep in my own bed and pick up and read a month's worth of mail and do yardwork . . .

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