Thursday, January 03, 2008

Not A River In Egypt

Yep, it's official. While I have done a lot of preparation for this next trip I am in total denial. I blame this on the flight time which is 9-something pm tomorrow. PM. Not AM. PM. So all along I've been saying "Oh, I can do that the day I leave because I'll have all day." Now granted most of the things I've been leaving for tomorrow are in-house things like packing, making sure the litterboxes and water dish are clean, putting out all the supplies the catsitter might need, but there will be one outing tomorrow to pick up an electric transformer (otherwise I will blow out all the cool little electronics I carry with me not to mention the company laptop), have one last look for summer shoes (isn't going to happen), and buy some suntan oil for someone in Santiago who will remain unnamed.

Today I am finishing some last minute laundry. I will suck out Sonny's old man bump. I'll check to make sure I have a bottle of sunblock so if I don't I can add it to tomorrow's list.

This is somehow surreal. The past two days have come close to record setting low temps in ATL. When I woke up this morning it was 13 in my backyard. I am going to land in a place where it's high 80s to 90s. What on earth does one wear to the airport?

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