Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Joi de vivre

Joy for life - joy of life.

Today many more problemas uncovered and Sam told me he was glad I was here. I am happy to be the bloodhound and hope I can resolve the issues I've found in the next few weeks. I'm happy to be here too. I have massive cat guilt mostly because it is summer here and I can get out and about and while I think about the punks every day I am not miserable for leaving them. Yet. I am quite certain that feeling will hit hard over the weekend.

My babies!!!!!

Tonight Sam and I caught a late dinner (late by US standards and early by SA standards). We made a night of it and put together a plan for the next day or so. There was this really drunk local man who approached us to talk and we kind of brushed him off. As he was leaving he came by to say goodnight and to do that cheek-kiss thing that I really hate but put up with and he told me he would soon travel to Germany and looked forward to seeing me there!!!!

Laughing my fucking ass off on that one. At what point did I become German? I have never even been to Germany! But I was polite and did the cheek kiss thingy with him and he went on his way and afterwards Sam and I and Ceci the waitress just laughed our asses off. And I am still laughing!

Travel is so much fun!

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