Thursday, January 03, 2008

David Letterman is my Daddy

Oh Lord. I am forcing myself to stay up late tonight so I can sleep late(r) tomorrow and live through an overnight almost 10 hour commute to Santiago. So I am watching Letterman for the first time in about 10 months and his beard makes him look like my own father which is so weird on so many levels which I won't discuss.

In other news the Iowa Caucuses (the weirdest election thingy ever and quite impossible to understand and explain although I have to hand it to the evening news tonight to shed light and for those who have an IQ over 60 it's kind of clear now) happened tonight. Huckabee is #1 on the re-re side (not a surprise since the idiots who elected Bush(es) and still feel morally superior would certainly go with an evangelical christian because evidently they are insecure enough in their "christian" bullshit to need one of their kind to lead the country. And you will notice please that I do not use an upper case 'c."

Barack won on the DEM side which will make this an interesting year. The several sides of me are still torn about this. The feminist in me leans very much to Hillary and yet the patriot in me (not to be confused with the Patriot Act which is Bush fascism) says my country is not yet ready to elect a woman. Stupid fucking country. I only hope we are able to elect a black man. Even though they are both intelligent and qualified and far better than you or me my concern is that we don't have another 4 to 8 years of stupidity in the name of somebody's saviour. If Jesus lived today he would certainly NOT be running for governmental office. He would have far more urgent matters to deal with. If my understanding of His life is correct he actually maybe created politicians so He could deal with with the moral things. My understanding is that He was more concerned at the leper and prostitute chriaty/love level than the congressional and senatorial United States law level. Call me fucking crazy. Please forgive me for taking the bible literally but in the past 8 years living in the bible belt the concept has grown on me.

And I don't care if they are "Christian" or "christian" because the only thing required to lead a country is some smarts and some chutzpah. Obama and Hillary both have chutzpah.

I still don't know. But I am terribly happy to be leaving the country tomorrow for at least a few weeks as I think it will give me distance from the US media and therefore I can work on my own damned decision.

I am so happy to be able to comfort myself knowing I was out of the US for about 16 months of the GWB presidency (so far). It was nice to not see that stupid monkey on the news every night. It will be nice to miss a month or so of the monkey business leading up to the election of the next one.

Looking forward to more travel and with my absentee ballot in hand . . . y'all have fun just in case I'm not here!

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