Saturday, January 12, 2008

Leg Hair and the Andes

When winter sets in I gratefully pull on the sweatpants and sweatshirts and don't ever think about shaving my legs until the windows have been open for a few days and I can put on shorts every now and then. Obviously I am single haha. Ahem. The week before I came here I made an effort to start shaving my legs but the past week has been hectic and I'm still trying to get real with the fact that I flew from 14F temps to 85F temps. That kind of stuff will mess with your head big time. In a good way. But yesterdayI woke up and put on my bathing suit and went to the rooftop pool and swam and got some sun and realized that even though it has only been a week I need to once again shave my legs because it's summer folks! Beautiful, sunny, hot, flower-engorged summer!

I have the greatest idea. I will live somewhere in the northern hemisphere from May through September then live in the southern hemisphere October through April!!! Why didn't I think of this before? I swear Paris Hilton is such a waste of riches. I could do the rich thing so much better than her and I promise I wouldn't be tabloid fodder.

OK so anyway - it's summer here (did I mention that yet?). Friday night I met Sam in front of the OK Market (they need to do some work on their marketing strategy - not bad, not good - just OK). We went to a great tapas place only two blocks from my apartment where we sat on the balcony of the second level and ate the most delicious tiny things that filled both of us up not because of quantity but because of the most soul-filling flavors. I think I would rather go back there every night than anything else in the world. But THE VIEW my friends! THE VIEW will kill you from too much taking of the breath. So OK, not the way it looks in real life because last night it took my breath away despite the buildings and phone poles. But what you see in the distance is about an hour's drive from where I am! These mountains are huge. And although the smog obscures them most of the time you can still feel them there even if you can't see them. And then there's a clear night and they appear and honestly my heart just leaps for the sight. The view of the street from the tapas place was also gorgeous:
Here are a couple of views from the rooftop pool:
So now I will shower and dress and get out on the street to explore my little area. Must find coffee.

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Harvey said...

With all the mountains and apartments, it looks kind of like Japan!

No comment on the shaving stuff.