Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I should say "Bad Dreams." I am sure they are entirely related to knowing I will be leaving my fur family for a few weeks. I have nightmares. Last night it was groupings of run over cats. There was a group of blue cats, a group of red cats, a group of green cats - all run over and dead on the street. It was disturbing and even though all my cats are indoor people except for Sonny who is allowed out IF AND WHEN he asks and only because he is too old and fat to jump the back fence I was so disturbed and woke up moaning. It's only stress about leaving them again. I am certain that the color groupings have something to do with the play mice they have. But I can't get those blue cats out of my mind. They were so small and so torn up.

My punks are safe at home. Well loved, well fed, litterboxes in pristine condition, sleeping on the bed and whoring for backrubs and headrubs. But I can't get those blue cats out of my mind even though I know they were a figment of my imagination.

I hope tonight I will go to sleep and have sweet, good dreams. Dreams where the blue cats are found and join my family and live happily ever after.

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Zaty said...

cats in odd colors? odd... but then again they are in dreamland, so it's perfectly 'normal' i guess.

i hate gory dreams. or umm, gory nightmares, rather.


-random stranger from the net ;)