Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Limbo Week Traditions

I have a kind of strange way of celebrating the New Year. I like to be by myself, reflect on the previous year, and do something small and active in the house. One year I removed everything from the kitchen pantry and painted it. Another year I cleaned out and de-cluttered almost every drawer in the house. I like to start the New Year organized and so there is usually cleaning and purging involved. It's a fun tradition for me and I enjoy it far more than I ever enjoyed going to parties. Except for that one when I was in grad school. That one was great. You don't need the details.

This year my plan is to replace the light fixture in the mudroom. Also get started on the coat rack. Yesterday, Christmas Day, I purged underneath my bathroom sink. Will someone please tell me why I feel compelled to hoard small soaps from every hotel? I have enough hand soap for years and yet I have pump soap in every bathroom and never use cake soap. But I just have to take it.

Also yesterday I cleaned out the fridge which was easy since I have been mostly away since Sept. 30.

I need a nap. Preferably with cats all around my legs so I can't turn over. And a book that I fall asleep on so for 3 days I have to re-read until I get back to the point where fell asleep.

I love this limbo week!

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