Saturday, December 29, 2007

I Am So Screwed

(Can't wait to see the search engine traffic results for that one)

So a week from right now I will be in Santiago. Here's where I will be staying I'm so freaking excited because it means that even though I will likely do more restaurant eating than I want I will have the option of preparing simple things in my own place. Mexico got so so so so bad when I had to eat every meal in the same restaurant in the hotel. And there's a pool on the roof.

The drawback: Right now in Santiago it's summer. It's hot. Freaking hot. I don't check every day but the other day I did check and at 10 am it was 85. Not that this is a drawback in itself but I'm totally unprepared. My skin has just now settled into the winter pasty white look where I can see my veins through my skin. Also I've just now become one with my sweatpants. I have very little in the way of summer clothing/shoes because back in the fall when it was pretty clear that I would not be going to Santiago I trashed a bunch of worn out stuff and didn't replace them because it was autumn and I wasn't going to Santiago. So I'm leaving knowing I will be wearing the same 4 outfits which show far too much of my pasty white skin over and over for the next 3 weeks. Sigh. I realize I have some readers from the opposite hemisphere but if you are right now experiencing daily temps that fall anywhere under 60 just sit for a moment and imagine pulling shorts and summer slacks and skirts and open-toed sandals and sleeveless blouses out of your closet and actually wearing them in public. Not pretty. Not by any stretch of the imagination. I have a feeling I might have to shave my legs soon.

I love this travel thing but someday I swear I will get a job where I can plan ahead. Also get a dog even though I don't really want one. I just want to know that I can if I want.

Soon to come: the New Years Resolution post. If I write it and publish it on the web it will make me more accountable.

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nyuudo said...

Ha Ha Ha! I can't help it sorry...

I'm originally from Santiago and I can tell you: when it's hot, it IS!
Not a wet hot weather but don't put yourself under the sun for a long period of time... ha! ha! ha!
A good start for the New Year.