Sunday, December 16, 2007

Decorating with a Cold

Got home Wednesday night. Woke up Thursday morning with a cold which is now raging. There is shopping to do and packages to wrap and mail and decorating to do and I've managed to get the house cleaned and I found a great tree yesterday - A Colorado Spruce - and Sonny has taken up residence beneath it. He loves his Christmas tree so much. He would rather sleep under it than eat.

I still need to get the lights on - the decorating is cake but the lights are such a chore and my ears are stuffed up and I'm sneezing my brains out so I'm not too inspired. I've managed to get the mantel in the living room decorated. I think I'm doing well.

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Harvey said...

I guess I'll pick up the habit of decorating for Christmas when we have kids. Which will be a while thank you very much. For now I'll just enjoy the repetitive Christmas music played in every department store in the country! Argh!