Friday, December 14, 2007

Home Again Home Again Gi-Giss

Reference the title - it's from my childhood. I don't remember the source story but the tag line was "Home again home again jiggety-jigg." And I always said "Home again home again gi-giss." And so it was and so it shall be.

I AM HOME!!! I have escaped Mexico. Which is far more dramatic sounding than the reality but I got home Wednesday night about 8 pm and woke up Thursday morning with a raging cold and know what? I don't care because I'm home.

The cats are fine, the tubs of Christmas decorations are down from the attic, a slight bit of online shopping has been delivered but so much left to do. I knew from watching the internet over the past week that the temps here in Atlanta have been in the mid to upper 70s and I've had my windows open since I walked in the house but tomorrow the rain and wind moves in and Sunday more wind with temps not expected to rise above the mid 40s. It has just gotten dark and so I will now go out and put my C-7 lights on the boxwood outside my front door. Don't want to be rolling around a wet yard in cold weather so it must happen tonight.

I will check in later this weekend. I have to say I notice that it has been 2 months since fewer than 2 people read this blog (get a life people) and the number one search keyword is "Escamoles." So. Escamoles, escamoles, escamoles, escamoles. They are delicious. You haven't lived until you have tried them.


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Harvey said...

I was minding my own business searching for "escamoles" and I ended up here!

Kidding. I'm one of the readers without a life. Hahah. Keep up the good work!