Saturday, October 13, 2007

Postupus Interruptus

Y'all I just have to interrupt the fun Mexico postings with a bit of local stuff and I hope you will bear with me and follow and hopefully you will comment.

I live in this tiny little village which is essentially a suburb of Atlanta but it is tiny and the local city council is essentially a group of neighbors who vote for each other so they can all have a "title" and make bad decisions while they all pat each other on the back.

For instance, our Main Street used to be a small 3 block area with sweet quaint awnings covering the walkways of the shoppers but it was decided that the awnings should come down and now Main Street is a ghost town with the sun glaring in the shops and no one willing to walk down sweet Main Street. Stone Mountain is now a ghost town.

Our "mayor-pro-tem" is "NN", a drunkard. Over the past 8 years I have voiced my concerns to her and the mayor and the chief of police specifically about the traffic on my street. On Fourth Street there is a posted speed limit of 25 MPH. In February of last year I finally got the county to do a traffic study and 50% of the traffic on our street travels in excess of 75MPH. No one cares. I think this must mean that if I care to murder someone it is OK. A law is a law, right? In my last email to her Nan responded to my concern of the traffic by telling me that E. Mountain (where her house is located) had the same problem! FYI NOT and what kind of response is this? If we had drug dealing on Fourth would she say the same? We all have drug dealing so just deal with it! A very bad city council person.

I received an email notification of a "meet and greet" for the new candidates for City Council. It will happen tomorrow and I am so disgusted with my past experience that I really don't care to go. I took a nap today and didn't sleep trying to figure out a way to record them - I needed something. And then I realized I have a video recorder!

Tomorrow I will show up with my video camera and will let them all know that the resulting video will be posted on you tube and distributed to my neighbors. My feeling is that all the bums should be thrown out.

We wiill let the video speak for itself.

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Harvey said...

Vigilante resident!

Must... watch... video.

That excuse about "we have speeding traffic too!" *IS* ridiculously lame.