Monday, October 08, 2007

Mexico: Tuesday, October 2

Tuesday in Mexico. Sam, Michael and I met for breakfast in the hotel cafe and from there the day was off and running.

The two Jorges decided we would go to a "real" Mexican restaurant for lunch. I know it sounds as if all I'm writing about is the meals but honestly we went from the hotel to the office and back to the hotel so the times we went out to eat were the times we had our Mexican experience.
Anyway, this restaurant was just a hoot. A little hole-in-the-wall, it was decorated with animal heads on the walls and very basic tables and chairs.
There was even a Mariachi band. It seems there are Mariachi bands just about everywhere. More about Mariachi bands later in the week.

Jorge did the ordering. We started out with a sweet drink made from rice water and cinnamon. A little sweet for me but it was good. Then the orders came. We started with quesadillas. They were unlike any quesadilla I have ever seen - a small corn tortilla stuffed, closed with 3 toothpicks and (I think) fried. We had both chicken and pork brain quesidillas. Yes, I said pork brain. Since neither Michael nor Sam eat pork (for religious reasons) I left the chicken for them and ate the pork brains. And I'm here to tell you IT WAS YUMMY! Here I am cracking up that I ate a pork brain quesadilla while dead animal heads watched me:
Following this was pork tacos - pork meat served with soft tortillas and guacamole and both green and red sauce. Oh yeah! And fried pig skin. Not like the pork skins that come in cellophane bags - these were fresh and fried on site - very thick and substantial. It was a pork fiesta and thankfully there was also chicken and beef on the menu for my cohorts! After the meal the dessert cart was brought around and Jorge ordered flan for everyone and I can't believe how wonderful it was.

Left front to back: Jorge B. and Oscar Right front to back: Michael , Sam and Jorge R.

We headed back to the office where we stayed until about 8 pm.

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Harvey said...

Wow I love Mariachi bands! I love the fat guy that is usually playing the super fat guitar. Heh.

They actually have a Fiesta Mexico in Osaka every year. I missed it this year... shucks.

Hey the ex-president of Mexico was on NPR the other day, and he mentioned that in Mexico people drink soda like, allllll the time. He considered it a health issue. Is it any worse than the states? Did you notice at all?

Viva la Mexico!