Sunday, October 14, 2007

Jardin Botanico at the AeroMexico Complex

The AeroMexico Complex could not be described as even remotely attractive. It's a huge complex about a mile from the airport, surrounded by high chain link and razor wire. They have tried to make it a bit better though and one of those improvements is a small botanical garden. It begins just outside of where our office is located with all sorts of wonderful plants and a few umbrella tables.

Mexico City weather is not terribly different from Atlanta weather and I was surprised to see ficus trees growing in the garden but even more surprised to see that they are treated as topiaries! I think this one is supposed to be a chicken.The garden is in 3 sections connected by a meandering walkway. The first section is flowering plants and trees. The second section is medicinal plants. The third was my favorite - native cactus! I have no idea why it was my favorite because I'm not a huge fan of cactus but these were enormous and there were so many varieties that it was truly eye candy.
Well done AeroMexico!!

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Harvey said...

A botanical garden! How random...