Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oy - another delay!

Seriously. I have the posts outlined for the next few nights but all need editing and photos and Friday especially needs video but on very short notice Jorge R is flying into Atlanta tonight so he, Michael and I can do some intensive training tomorrow and return to Mexico next week for at least a couple of days so AeroMexico continues to be extremely impressed by our progress. They should be. We are pretty amazing. We've actually pulled this project out of our hineys in the past 6 months when it is something that had been promised by our predecessors for 6 years with no action. That's why we have to keep the momentum, despite the Santiago thing. Yeah, we rock. Also we are tired. I'm thinking a team building trip to Anguilla for a week is in order and we could expense it. Right Sam?

I will leave here in about 30 minutes to gather Jorge at the airport, swing him by the hotel so he can drop his bag, and then we will go to the Feed Store in College Park for dinner. Would rather take him for authentic soul food but The Feed Store has some typical southern dishes, even if they are done up in a fairly pretentious way. Probably won't get home until 11 or so.

I will get back to the posts tomorrow night. Wednesday night in Mexico was kind of great. Think insects and then work on getting over it. Of course looking ahead Friday night was just the best ever, and very amusing so you will need to mark your calendars to check in for that one too.

I really am sorry. I had kind of planned to get a post out today but ended up working. SHEESH! I can't believe they actually expect me to do that! I should have been born filthy rich. I would have been a great rich lady!

OK - later all!

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