Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Mexico: Tuesday night dinner, October 2

This will be a short post. We got back to the hotel after our orgy of a lunch and honestly I didn't even feel like eating dinner but Sam and Michael did since they avoided the pork-fest that was lunch. About 10 pm we headed to one of the hotel restaurants - Bice. I knew I wasn't really hungry so when I looked at the menu I immediately focused in on the half dozen raw oysters. This was the sum total of my dinner and it was perfect. And nothing like in the US. No cocktail sauce - the waiter spent about 10 minutes putting various liquids and spices and onions and chilis on the oysters and then put them in front of me and they were incredible!!!

It seems that everywhere we went there was a TV playing soccer or rugby and Tuesday night was no different. In the restaurant the kitchen had a huge picture window into the dining room and in the dining room was a huge TV playing the soccer game (between someone and someone else). I was seated facing the window into the kitchen and at one point I looked up and all the kitchen staff and one waiter were fixated on the TV in the dining room. It was hilarious. I took a photo. When the flash went off they all looked at me and I smiled and waved and they laughed and waved back!

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