Friday, September 28, 2007

On Snakes and Knees and Having a Yard Guy

My knee is quite a bit better. I'm still hobbling around and when I sit for too long it gets stiff but I can see improvement. Still, the yard needed a good mowing this week and I knew I couldn't do it. I can go to the store, I can drive, I can put out a bit of pine mulch and pull the odd weed but I knew I couldn't even consider mowing the uneven expanse that is my yard.

OK and also I'm snot-blowing terrified about the snake still. Not many things terrify me but snakes make my butthole pull up inside me halfway to my lungs. I'd rather skydive. I'd rather bungee jump from the New River Gorge Bridge.

So I called Bennie. When I was in the wheelchair for 8 weeks in 2004 Bennie came and mowed my yard. He quoted me $25. I pay him $40. I know what a bitch it is to mow this yard and $40 is about right. When I was in Japan he did it again. His instructions were to drive by about every 10-14 days and only mow when it got to the point of looking seedy because I wanted people to think I was still here and I rarely mow before it looks seedy. So Bennie came today and mowed and edged and used the blower and my yard looks better than it has in 2 years!

I used to think the ultimate luxury would be to have a live in masseuse. Now I know it's to have a nice dependable person you can call to do your yard.

Tomorrow I pack for my big trip to Mexico. I hope I have clothing. Guess I won't be able to get away with telecommuter-wear.

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