Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Obvious Post

When I was a kid it was the Kennedy assassination. Anyone more than 10 years older than me got the question "Where were you when it happened?" And everyone could describe it down to the finest detail.

Now the day of reference is 9/11.

I was driving to work on a crisp early autumn day. I had the truck radio on and as I took a right from Sydney Marcus Blvd onto Piedmont Ave in Buckhead there was a report that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. I thought that was pretty disturbing to hear on the way to work on such a beautiful morning.

Shortly after I arrived at work the pub manager came up and asked me if I had heard about the plane crash and I told him I had. He told me there was another one. I immediately closed up the office and went down to the pub and sat in front of the TV not believing what I was seeing.

Eventually I made it back up to the office and turned on the radio and when I heard about the fourth crash I packed up my things and left. By that time they were starting to say words like "attack" and "terrorist" so I came home numb and the only thing I could think to do was to put out my flag. Then I turned on the TV and tried to understand.

My husband came home from work and immediately began berating me for being stupid enough to worry about something that had nothing to do with us. And I knew on that exact day that I couldn't be married to him anymore. (In all honesty it had been building to this from maybe a year before we were engaged but this was the straw and I wonder how it took me 10 weeks to finally kick him out).

So September 11 is my Kennedy. And I hope and pray that nobody ever has another 9/11 or Kennedy or MLK.

I also hope that whatever your beliefs you will send thoughts/prayers/love to the innocent people who died on this day and their friends and family. And I hope those same thoughts/prayers/love will go out for the greater number of people who have lost their lives since in the name of retaliation initiated by the WORST President this country has ever seen.

Please visit www.impeachbush.org and sign the petition. Six years is far too long for this to go on.

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