Monday, September 24, 2007

Momma mirrors Phoebe

Y'all! I have effed up my right knee so bad I can't stand it. I got on the treadmill early last night to do about 30 minutes before I got in bed. I wanted to get in bed and read for an hour or two and then sleep like a baby and when I do 30 minutes on the treadmill before bed this is a guarantee so I put on a pot of water for a cup of relaxation tea and put on my sneakers and got on the treadmill.

I don't really know how it happened. The thingy pulled out of the emergency stop thing as a result of me swinging my arms and accidentally catching it and all of a sudden the treadmill stopped and I was still going 2.7 MPH and at the same time I think I stepped partially on the rail and so I fell - bad - face down on the floor in agony. Something in my right knee twisted and I spent about 5 minutes yelling out loud and thinking I would vomit from the pain. I am a klutz.

I managed to get the lights turned off and headed for bed. Took forever.

All night I turned in bed and woke myself up yelling in pain. This is BAD pain. This morning I woke up and put on an old leg brace which was far too small because it dates from when I weighed 135 and had really skinny legs. I could barely get it over my knee but still it helped and so when Rite Aid opened I went and bought a better fitting one. I am limping and icing and trying to gently flex my knee.

Yeah I should see a doctor. If I had my way I would have called my orthopoedist today but with my insurance in order to do this I would have to set an appt. with my primary care pill pusher who I am sure would prescribe about 5 pills, 4 of which are unnecessary and 3 of which are not covered by insurance, and wait 3 weeks and then beg for a referral. Not going that route. I have places to go!

Phoebe has a recheck tomorrow morning. I plan to go in and ask if Dr. Brown will x-ray me!


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