Friday, June 22, 2007

Sonny in the Weeds

Well lordy. All sorts of things going on here although not really. Just stuff on my mind.

Was a hard week of work after my week off. I spent all of Monday and Tuesday trying to remember what exactly it is that I do. Luckily Sam (da boss man) is patient and also he is in Sydney so I was able to take time and re-orient myself with my own job. Lots of stuff going on and it's all exciting. Sam "yelled" at me (via IM) during my week off for checking and responding to emails. Had I been in some exotic place I would not have done so but was just here at home so I felt the need to keep in touch. I'm just slightly twisted in that way.

Harvey was back through. He came in yesterday at about 4 pm and I got him to the airport about 10:30 this morning for his flight back to Osaka. What a total delight. I know the internet and people one meets there can be an "iffy" kind of thing and maybe I am really really naive but I read Harvey's blog for more than a year and based on his great posts I knew it would be OK. He was a great houseguest and we had the best conversations over the kitchen table and I wouldn't trade meeting him for the world. Also last night while I was on a conference call he sat on a rocker on the newly painted front porch and read and that meant the world to me! Don't ask me why - it just did! So if any of y'all ever get to Atlanta just look me up. I have a futon sofa and you are welcome!

Anyway, the whole purpose of this post was to show a photo of Sonny in the weeds. Sonny is my old boy. He is at least 17 now and maybe even as old as 18. The street I live on is posted 25 MPH but about 80% of the vehicles go at least 50 (local authorities have not helped despite repeated requests). Sonny is the only cat allowed outside because he is too old now to go over the fence. His pure complete joy is to sleep in the weeds all day and watch the birds and squirrels and chipmunks.
That is one happy cat. He won't be for long, though, because he needs a BATH!!! When cats get old they tend to stop grooming themselves and so Sonny needs a big washin'. I have the cat shampoo and a towel out and ready but I need to buck up my courage and stamina for a task like this. Might not happen until tomorrow. Or August 2009. Will try to take photos because it's so funny!


Harvey said...

Hey that's funny, when guys get old they stop grooming themselves too! I think the same thing happens when guys get into university... and grad school... and when they start working from home or whatever.

Are guys like cats in more ways that we think?

I want a porch like that!

Suerk said...

I love you.