Sunday, June 17, 2007

Porch Project Day Two

I'm checking back in because I know you all live for these updates and are all sitting there right now holding your collective breath waiting for me to let you know how it's going. Also I needed a break because even though it's just shortly after 11 am it's already hot.

So here's wha' happened. I'm eating my lamb chop and brussel sprouts last night and the night sky opened up and we had a torrential downpour. This is hysterically funny to me on a few levels. First off, the TV weather guys here in Atlanta couldn't give an accurate forecast to save their lives. My theory is that they spend all their time blowdrying their hair leaving very little time to look at meteorology stuff. All last week they told us it was going to rain. All last week it would cloud over and mist slightly for about 60 seconds. Yesterday was supposed to be a gloriously sunny day (which is why I planned to start the painting seeing as how I knew I would have to put everything formerly on the porch outside.

Which leads me to the second reason this is so funny. I am now the proud owner of two kitchen chairs which are currently listed for sale on craigslist and which are sopping wet (the seats are upholstered). Guess I will have to go in and change the listing today as I can't sell them now because they are pretty much ruined. And yet I don't mind at all. These are the hated ex-in-laws chairs that have been the bane of my existence for ever so long and I am very pleased to be able to put them on the street for pickup.

The final funny thing is this - remember I am using oil based paint? Which dries r e a l l y
s l o w l y anyway? Well when last night's rain hit the hot ground it created a humidity the likes of which I haven't felt since I was in Japan (the most humid place ont he face of the earth). So 16 hours after I finished the first half of the porch there are still some very wet places.
I had originally planned to have this project completed by tonight but looks like I won't be able to move things back onto the new floor until maybe Tuesday night (if the weather holds).

Anyway. So that you can all get on with your lives here is a photo update. This is the part that is trying very hard to dry that I did last night. It looks splotchy but that's just the parts that aren't completely dry. YET.

That's the part I did this morning before I took my break. I really like it when it's all wet and shiny.

Now I'm in dangerous territory. Now I'm at that point where I have to paint around the kitchen table (for sale on craigslist) that is far to heavy to move inside or outside so I have to paint around it then when the paint dries move it and then paint in where it was. Also I'm at the part where I have to back myself into the house painting all the while. And then wait for it all to dry which is difficult because I have the patience of a flea with ADD when it comes to these things.

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Harvey said...

Whoa! That's some paint job! Looks like a completely different house!