Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Front Porch Coup!

I decided to burn off some vacation time while Harvey was here. My plan was to try to get some yard work done but I haven't been too successful with that. I have, however, managed to begin cleaning my front porch of all the clutter. I have this shed up in the backyard. It's really old and falling down and the squirrels get in and ruin anything that isn't made of steel and since I have no inside storage space I've had half-used paint cans and boxes of paint brushes and sand paper sitting all over my front porch along with the old kitchen table and chairs and it's just been a miserable place to be and full of pollen dust and cat hair and trash.

Last week I had a brilliant idea - a deck box! You know, those heavy duty plastic things that people store outdoor furniture cushions in? So I went out and got one, got it put together, and now all the assorted tools and junk live there. What a difference!

Since we're in heavy water restrictions the next day I can use water outside is Saturday between midnight and 10 am so I plan to get up very early and wash down the porch and furniture. Then I'm going to paint the floor! By this time next week it should be looking pretty darned good and I will feel I accomplished something major.

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